How You Could Be Preserving Your Health

How serious of a threat is water contamination?

If you’ve been following national news lately, you most probably have heard about large-scale water contamination crises such as those in Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey. Most news outlets were quick to pounce on the issues, using them to raise concern about water quality across the country. Widespread panic about lead contamination spread quickly, resulting in heightened fear and lots of misinformation. We set out to clarify which concerns you actually should be worrying about and what you could be doing to prevent them.

Threats to Tap Water

While drinking tap water may not immediately put your health at risk, the cumulative effects of consuming it daily can be highly tangible. In fact, water pollution is often likened to air pollution – without your noticing it can quietly shave off years of your life due to the sheer volume one consumes over a lifetime. Rather than simply raising panic, realizations like these can be used to increase awareness about the steps we should be taking to preserve our health over time.

Unless you live in a region that has a specific water contamination issue (such as Flint or Newark), the quality of your tap water can vary. Municipal water has a tendency to contain contaminants for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • Poor quality control
  • Old and eroded pipe systems
  • Safety standards that are influenced by lobbyists with conflicting interests
  • Insufficient budgets and budget cuts
  • Lack of accountability and public disinterest
  • The inability of regulatory bodies to keep up with new pollutants and scientific findings
  • The cost prohibitive nature of advanced water treatment processes
  • Lack of strategic foresight (scale and future-proofing) by civil engineers and city officials when initially planning and constructing water systems

It’s hard to track which issues specifically target each tap line, as there is a lack of information about water contamination in general. The best way to know which contaminants affect your water is to test your tap yourself. However, assuming that your water is not completely healthy is a pretty safe bet. Using a water purification system like ours can directly benefit your health, not only by clearing your water of contaminants but by enriching it with natural minerals and nutrients.

Purifying Your Water

Both the first and final phases of our waterREBORN technology focus on eliminating contaminants from your water. The physical and chemical properties of the filtration media we use indiscriminately target every possible pollutant for removal. This protects you not only against contaminants that are now known to pose health risks (like heavy metals and microbes) but still others that may be found to be harmful in the future.

The Remove Phase

This phase utilizes depth filters in order to mechanically remove large contaminants and to extend the life of filters further down the line. Water passes through a porous structure, and particles that exceed the size of the pores are left behind.

The Reset Phase

This phase uses chemical reduction to remove contaminants on a molecular level. Through the process of adsorption, granular activated carbon (GAC) uses oleophilic (oil attracting) properties to pull non-polar contaminants out of the water, including most organic compounds. 

The Nano/Reboot Phase

Depending on which dispenser you choose, your system will either utilize nano or reboot technology in order to purify your water. Simply varying by pore size, both systems utilize ultra-fine microporous membranes in order to sieve the contaminants out of your water.   

Enriching Your Water

While it may seem like simply purified water is ideal, there are actually many minerals naturally found in water that are healthy and delicious. Following the purification process, our technology enriches your water through four extensive phases in order to restore your water with beneficial minerals. Drinking enriched water is an easy, refreshing way to mainline nutrients into your body and to ensure its best health.

The Restructure Phase

This phase improves each water molecule’s ability to transport healthy nutrients into your body and harmful toxins out of it. This is accomplished by utilizing far-infrared ray emitters that replenish lost electrons to hydrogen atoms, restoring their bipolar structure and ensuring that they can properly bind with other molecules.

The Enrich Phase

This phase injects more than 20 different minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and other nutrients into your water. Among these are hematite and hydroxyapatite, two minerals that promote fast healing and recovery and are crucial to blood and bone health.

The pH Rebalance Phase

This phase optimizes pH levels and boosts alkalinity, preventing calcium leaching and promoting better bone health. Because the blood tends to be slightly acidic, drinking alkaline water can counteract this harmful acidity and restore the bloodstream to its healthiest state.

The Resilience Phase

This phase injects your water with powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents in order to strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of infection. These compounds include silver, Zeolite, and Zeo-Z1.

Through our innovative, phase-oriented technology, H2O would love to revitalize your water drinking experience. Try our 7 day free trial for a taste of the water you deserve.