The Tri-State
Go Green Initiative

We’re in a war for our city streets, shorelines, environment, our health, and the planet we’re leaving our kids.

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Why should you care?

We’re not asking for a donation.

These days, everyone has a sad story, and most want a handout. This is not one of those causes. Joining merely requires making smart and educated decisions.

There’s enough problems for everyone.

You may not care about half the issues the initiative seeks to address – but that’s ok. If you care about even one of the issues below, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Ever increasing mountains of unrecyclable non-degradable plastic waste.
  • Unnecessary increases in traffic congestion.
  • Wasteful consumption of limited resources.
  • Negative impact on your health.
  • Threat to wildlife populations.
  • Pollution to our shorelines, atmosphere, and planet in general

Self-inflicted traffic congestion.

Have you ever considered powering your office with batteries? Even if it were cost effective and you could subscribe & save on Amazon Prime, it would be crazy right?

What was the point of architects, engineers, electricians, and copper wire piping electricity right to your finger tips? Just so you can clog your streets with delivery vehicles, trucking in heavy objects you have to strain your back lifting?

Then why do we do clog our streets, delivering tens of thousands of jugs down our already crowded streets, when it’s already piped right into our offices? Especially when they require 20 years of tax breaks.

A plastic conspiracy of incompetency.

When corporations and government officials are aware of an impending crisis for decades and choose to do nothing. Check out the video below if you want to know more.

Plastic bottles discarded in the U.S. every year.

TONS of plastic waste every year.

Years for the other 91.6% to degrade.


How much of our plastic we ACTUALLY recycled last year nationally.

There is a solution.

If you’re still unconvinced about the problem, check out the articles below on the left. Otherwise, you can do you part in reducing plastic waste and unnecessary traffic congestions by signing up for a 7 day trial of our bottleless water service. 

    The Plastic Waste Stats You Never Knew

    Why your plastic matters. At one point in history, plastic seemed to be a miracle material: it was cheap, durable and fit in to nearly every industry. But what proved to be a solution then is a problem for us now. Whether it sits in a landfill, enters the ocean and...

    Harmful Effects of Plastic Water Bottles

    Bottled water is a common and popular product in the United States. This is due to both its availability and its taste. Unfortunately, the tap water in many of our homes and offices contains chemicals and metals that create an unpleasant taste—and often a foul smell....
    Harmful Effects of Plastic Water Bottles

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