Purified Ice Maker

No chilled beverage is complete without the clunk of several ice cubes. Yet continually supplying your employees with ice may get tricky—and expensive. Having bags of ice delivered or installing a small commercial ice maker are two rather common solutions. However, they can be both expensive, take up quite a bit of space, and may or may not be up the same filtration standard as your drinking water.

At Drink Meta, we have reviewed and improved on the average water cooler system to bring you the best drinking experience. One of our advancements has been in creating an ice and water dispenser. Our purified ice maker technology utilizes water purified by the ULTRA+3 system to make crystal clear ice. Through our ice-making technology, you benefit from knowing your ice is at the same level of purity as your drinking water. In addition, having ice and water in one machine is considerably more convenient for your employees.

Ice for Every Occasion: Bullet Ice

Bullet is our traditional dispensed ice. It is cylindrical in shape and hollow in the center—which allows for faster production and quick cooling of any drink.

Crunch on This: Chewblet Ice

In addition to traditional sized ice, our standing and countertop ice and water dispensers feature Chewblet Ice. This is extremely popular as its small, cylindrical format allows for a nice crunch while chewing on ice.

Say goodbye to cumbersome ice deliveries or poorly filtered ice machines. Say hello to a purified ice maker and water cooler combo that does it all.

Water Cooler Rental Plans with ICE

Level 4: Glacier

Level 4 offers the popular Chewblet ice alongside other capabilities, such as purified coffee. This plan is perfect for offices with 11 to 15 daily users.

Level 5: Polaris

The Polaris, a solely standing model, offers water of all temperatures. From hot water to Bullet ice, this machine is perfect for servicing 15 to 20 daily users.

Drink Meta strives to help you find the right water cooler rental match for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options for purified ice maker and water dispensers.