IceBank Technology

NYC Water Dispenser Cooling System

At Drink Meta, we continually look for advancements to improve the overall experience and function of our water dispensers. IceBank Technology is one such advancement. Our water dispenser cooling system is unique in that instead of cooling water through suspended ice, the water is surrounded in a wall of ice. This allows for increased storage capacity and free flow of pure, ice-cold filtered water—perfect for suppling your entire office with chilled water all day long.

An added benefit of our NYC-based water dispenser cooling system is its energy efficiency. IceBank Technology uses far less energy to cool water, as the water is fully insulated in a container with ice walls.

Experience the Chill for Yourself

Make the coolest water dispenser cooling system on the market available to your employees or guests to enjoy refreshing, chilled water all day, every day. For businesses, we offer several dispensers and service plans that incorporate IceBank Technology. If you’re looking for the best IceBank Technology has to offer, we recommend checking out our level six rental plan, which includes the Merdian.


Sleek design and excellent performance describe the Meridian. Available in both countertop and freestanding additions, this cooler serves the needs of busy businesses and medium-sized offices. Not only does it dispense frigid water, but the Meridian also caters to all desires with temperate, hot, and sparkling water.

Learn more about the Merdian.

Discover Our Technology

On top of our IceBank Technology, we’ve designed and implanted several other systems to give you the best possible water. Explore all other technological systems we employ for coffee, ice, and more. If you find anything intriguing, or if you want to test out one of our dispensers at your office, let us know.

  • Pure Coffee
  • Pure Hub
  • Pure Ice
  • Pure Sparkling

At Drink Meta, we’ll connect you with the right water cooler that fits your level of water consumption and dispenser style needs.