Residential Water Cooler Service

Count on Drink Meta for an unmatched residential water cooler service. We use waterREBORN technology, which doesn’t just remove unwanted materials from water; it also enhances your water down to the molecular level. Plus, our bottleless water coolers for homes won’t just impact you: they’ll also have a positive influence on the environment since you won’t be using plastic containers. In addition, renting a water cooler for your home will help reduce the street traffic that results from transporting hundreds of thousands of gallons to various destinations.

Our Most Affordable Dispenser

The Endeavor, powered by our waterREBORN+ multi-phase technology.

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How It Works

Our WaterREBORN™ technology is an advanced water purification and enhancement system that transforms tap water into meta-water. This technology uses 8 phases and 20 total stages, ensuring you’re getting water that’s good for you and the environment. You end up with meta-water and meta-ice. Meta-water and ice consist of purified water that is clean, enriched with minerals, and optimized to its Ph level.

But that’s not all—our technology also can provide you the water of your liking—no matter if you prefer sparkling water, hot water, or even different forms of ice. With Drink Meta, you’re in control.

Good for You, Good for the Environment

It’s common to see 4 gallons of water wasted for every 1 that becomes purified. But Drink Meta systems waste absolutely zero water. When you use systems from Drink Meta, you can be proud of the fact that you’ll be drinking clean water and be making an eco-friendly decision at the same time.

A Company You Can Trust

We have more five-star reviews from Google than all our competitors doubled and combined. You’re renting the very best equipment in the industry when you choose Drink Meta, making it no surprise we’re the top water service provider in the U.S.

Use our residential water cooler service today.

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Level 2 + Voyager Dispenser + waterREBORN for only $72/mo.
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