Safeguarding from viruses, bacteria, and boosting your immune support.

It is difficult to not feel a twinge of fear when thinking about the coronavirus. Bacteria and sickness in general can be scary enough, but the destructive potential of viruses can be altogether terrifying. You may not have ever researched how your water provider is protecting you from these infectants, but chances are you’re only getting what you pay for. The most effective way to protect your water from viruses, bacteria, and other harmful agents is through a strategy we like to call Filter & Fortify. A standard sieving procedure removes toxic particles from your water, and a sterilizing process neutralizes infectious agents and ensures your health and safety. 

Methods for neutralizing infective agents.

There are two primary ways that infectious agents, like bacteria and viruses, in your water can be neutralized. The first treats your water with antiviral and antibacterial compounds that sterilize infectious agents. These compounds work by maintaining specific volumes, exposure times, and proper dispersion – all variables that are vulnerable to both human and machine error. Ultraviolet light, another agent used to sterilize bacteria, is an even more difficult treatment to maintain. This is why sterilization on its own is not a sufficient treatment method. 

Blocking entry through mechanical reduction.

The second method of purifying your water is mechanical reduction. This process filters your water through pores so small that contaminants are trapped and cannot pass through. Why is this more effective? Think of this as an offensive measure – as opposed to simply sterilizing harmful contaminants that have already found their way into your water, you preemptively remove them by passing them through a filter. We recommend using both mechanical and chemical approaches to purifying your water.

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Which water filters remove viruses?

Because viruses can be as small as 0.004 µm (microns), choosing water that has been filtered through an NF (nanofiltration ~0.001 µm) or RO (reverse osmosis ~0.0001 µm) membrane is the only way to be sure they’ve been effectively removed. For even more security, we recommend fortifying your water with compounds like Zeolite and Zeo Z1, as well as silver ions. These not only act as antiviral and antibacterial agents, but also release antitoxins into your water and other compounds that boost your immune support – helping your body fight off sickness.

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