Pleasantly Surprising ROI

As a company that specializes in water purification, we continuously seek to ensure that our products are worth your investment. While most publicized advantages to water purification may seem obvious, such as clearing your water of contaminants and preventing harmful substances from entering your body, there are a host of additional perks to employers that may have never crossed your minds. We’ve put together a list of some of the unexpected benefits to using an in-office water purification system so that you can make the best decision for your company.

#1 Lower Employer Health Insurance Costs

It is astounding how many employers offering health insurance to their employees fail to recognize the extended savings that can come from encouraging increased consumption of even regular water, let alone the nutritious meta-water our systems dispense. Some of the benefits to drinking water include:

  • Regulating body temperature
  • Maintaining vital moisture levels in organs so they can function properly
  • Removing toxins and waste from your body
  • Aiding in digestion from the beginning to end of internal systems
  • Protecting joints and spinal cord
  • Maintaining a healthy heart and blood pressure levels

Most insurance companies and employers offer a discount of some sort for non-smokers, merely due to the tremendous amount of money it saves them. But what about water? Employees spend a significant portion of their time at work, and fostering better water-drinking habits during that time is a highly effective method of reducing long term health costs.

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Understandably, many of these points may seem like minor, non-pressing issues. Many of the benefits we’ve pointed out here are likely to be felt over an extended period of time. However, implementing these small, simple changes now will ultimately result in a noticeably more pleasant work environment. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. Sign up for our free 7 day trial for a glimpse of your office at its peak. 

#2 Less Employee Sick Days

In addition to clearing your water of contaminants, our waterREBORN technology infuses it with natural beneficial minerals in order to maximize your water’s health potential. Following purification, waterREBORN’s Resilience Phase injects your water with some of the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents in existence, including silver, Zeolite, and Zeo-Z1. These compounds strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of infection. As a large company, supplying your employees with Resilient water could mean less sick days, less paid time off, and increased health and well-being throughout the office.

#3 Workplace Aesthetic & Employee Satisfaction

While this benefit is not as significant as the ones we’ve already covered, it is still definitely worth noting. It is always surprising how many employers overlook the benefit of an aesthetically pleasing workplace. A stuffy, ugly office breeds discontented employees who take little to no pride in their work, while a functional, pleasant space promotes a more productive work environment. 

Along those lines, small gestures that make employees feel valued will impact their job performance. For example, we recently upgraded all of our technicians uniforms to brands like Under Armor and Carhartt. While the cost per employee was negligible, the effect on morale and how that translated to our customers’ installation experiences was outstanding.

While we take pride in the elegant appearance of all our dispensers, they do more than just spruce up your break room. They provide easy, efficient access to healthy water that employees love to drink, and that joy ultimately translates into time they feel appreciated by you, their employer. 

#4 Increased Office Productivity

While coffee has taken off as an effective fuel for the masses, most coffee drinkers don’t realize how disruptive caffeine can actually be to their daily work flow. Mid-day caffeine crashes can offset office productivity, and that highly coveted, early morning energy spike often translates into jittery, unfocused behavior. Nonetheless, it may seem like coffee consumption has become such an integral part of office culture that it would be impossible to limit. However, introducing a refreshing, delicious, aesthetically pleasing water dispenser in your office could reduce your employees’ caffeine intake and promote better work habits. After installing numerous water dispensers in various offices, here are some of the most common results: 

  • Employees are drawn to sleek, well-designed appliances. Simply installing an elegant dispenser like ours in an office often increases the overall level of water consumption.
  • When people taste truly delicious water for the first time, they tend to reach for caffeinated beverages less and less often.
  • The less caffeine employees drink, the more stable their productivity becomes. Office drama usually falls, resulting in increased employee collaboration and heightened office functionality.