It’s Not Just a Glass Filler. It’s a Game Changer.

Ice hasn’t changed much over the last 40 years. Sure, you can automate its production, form it into different shapes, and even flavor it, but the quality of ice has largely stayed the same. Until now….

Our waterREBORN technology produces what we like to call meta-iceMeta-ice is formed through a multi-step purification and enhancement process. After being thoroughly cleansed of any contaminants, water molecules are sent through the Restructure Phase, where their molecular structures are altered in order to improve their functioning. A water molecule’s effectiveness at hydrating the body depends on its ability to pair with other nutrients and transport them through the body. However, because hydrogen has a propensity to lose its single electron, water molecules tend to cluster together in order to share electrons, thus preventing them from bonding with other nutrients. This also prevents the molecules from carrying harmful substances and toxins out of our bodies. In order to prevent this clustering, the restructure phase continuously replenishes hydrogen with electrons, so that the water molecules they’re a part of are free to bond with other nutrients.

Next up is the Restore & Enrich Phase. During the purification process, water is essentially cleared of anything that’s not an H2O molecule. While this ensures that nothing harmful remains in your water, it can also strip the water of many of its natural, beneficial minerals and give it a flat taste. The Enrich Phase boosts water with more than 20 different antioxidants, minerals, and electrolytes proven to provide health benefits – including immune support, improved circulation, and higher bone density. Additionally, supplying these minerals restores water with its natural, refreshing taste. 

Another factor that affects the health and taste value of your water is its pH level. Water that is too acidic may not only taste bad, but can also leech the calcium from your bones. All of our water, including that which eventually becomes meta-ice, is sent through the pH Rebalance Phase. This phase optimizes pH levels and boosts alkalinity, preventing calcium leaching and promoting better bone health. Because the blood tends to be slightly acidic, drinking alkaline water can counteract this harmful acidity and restore the bloodstream to its healthiest state. 

The final step on the road to revolutionized ice is the Resilience PhaseThis phase injects your water with powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents, including silver, Zeolite, and Zeo-Z1. These compounds strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of infection. 

Sound too good to be true? We know. But now that you understand your ice quality’s potential, you should never settle for anything less.

Chewblet Ice

Our original Chewblet ice tablets are a hands-down customer favorite. These small, symmetrical ice tablets are perfect not only for cooling your beverages but for chewing, as well. Wave goodbye to brain-freeze and say hello to crunch. Chewblet Ice is standard across all of our Glacier models. 

Bullet Ice

Sick of dense, heavy ice cubes crowding your glass and freezing your tongue? So are we. That’s why we offer bullet ice, a completely reimagined form of the ice cube as we know it. Dispensed as hollow, cylindrical tablets, bullet ice is a lightweight option for heavy-duty cooling. This feature is included with our Polaris model. 

Sleek and Sustainable

The problem with many ice makers and water filtration systems in general is that they often require large amounts of water in order to fuel the purification process. As a result, sometimes more water is wasted in the process of purification than produced. In order to mitigate waste, the Glacier utilizes water-recycling ice production technology, so that no ounce of water goes unused. 

The Glacier features an energy efficient, zero water-waste ice making system capable of producing up to 125 pounds of ice per day. Ice is dispensed in the highly popular Chewblet® form, purified by our waterReborn Advanced Purification system. Plus, it’s quiet, so you never have to be bothered by the standard ice-maker buzz. 

The Glacier is available in both freestanding and countertop variants and is perfect for any ice lover.

A Conscience-Free Crunch

The Polaris produces our uber-cool bullet ice – hollow ice cylinders perfect for cooling and crunching. Aside from featuring touch activated controls and one-hand dispensing, the Polaris is highly energy efficient. Its ECO Mode reduces energy consumption when the machine is not in use, and in contrast to most other cooling systems, this one uses no ozone-depleting coolants.

Using up to 50% less energy and 70% less water than most similar ice makers, the Polaris is the perfect way to get the crunch you’re looking for without compromising the environment. 


Already Have an Ice-Making Appliance? We Got You Covered.

Some of the greatest feedback we get on our appliances is about how great they look in the office. All of our dispensers are easy to use and elegantly designed, consistently drawing employees to use them. Now, for clients who already have coffee or ice making appliances they are attached to, all of our plans include or offer REBORN Connect for a small monthly feeWith it, we can connect compatible existing  appliances to your waterREBORN system, supplying them with meta-water and meta-ice. Try our free 7 day trial for a taste of what you’re missing.

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