New York, NY
Gary W., Facilities Manager
Prior Solution
Cases of Bottled Water, Bottleless Water Service
Competitor's bottleless system failed to provide enough capacity.
Prior Consumption
3,000 Bottles
Locations / Sites Serviced
Employees Serviced
Other Users
Special Accomodations
We were their fallback bottleless service after their first provider failed to deliver.
Client Since
Why H2O
Wanted to be a more environmentally responsible.
Service Plan
Hardware / Dispenser(s)
Water Optimization System
Pure / Meta Water Supplied
792 GAL
Our Perspective
Their Perspective
"As you requested, I am writing to express our complete satisfaction with your H2O water cooler. When a decision was made to transition our company away from bottled water (3000 bottles + a month) to a filtered water system we were excited to be a greener place, however despite our research, our first water cooler that promised to meet the needs of our 160 plus employees failed miserably to provide enough capacity, resulting in long replenishment times and disappointing employees. We returned the machine and found H2O coolers. Randall was most informative and quickly identified a solution for our needs. The hot/cold filtered water machine he recommended was delivered the very next day and has exceeded our expectations leaving employees satisfied and not missing bottled water at all. We also recover the cost of unredeemed deposit bottles that were thrown away in the past. One last point is that the capacity is more than adequate and there has never been an occasion when hot or cold water was unavailable, as had happened with our first machine. We believe this is a great way to provide quality water to our personnel and be a good corporate citizen."