The standards your water should be held up to.

When you’re thirsty, your body is craving a lot more than it lets on. Aside from simply quenching your thirst, water satisfies a host of bodily needs, including balancing your blood’s pH levels, transporting nutrients around your body, and staying stocked on beneficial minerals. In order to fulfill all these needs, not just any water will do. Find out what kind of water your body is really craving, so that you can ensure your water is covering all the bases.

Balanced pH Levels

You may not have thought about your water’s pH level before, but it’s actually a crucial factor in how well your water hydrates your body. The blood is naturally alkaline, and an internal environment that’s too acidic can leach calcium from your bones. Since over half of our blood is made up of water, what we drink is a large contributor to our blood’s pH levels. That’s why our bodies crave water that is slightly alkaline. Drinking water with a raised pH level ensures the blood doesn’t get too acidic, preventing calcium leaching and promoting better bone health.

Electrolyte Boost

Chances are you’ve heard about the importance of drinking beverages with electrolytes – perhaps during a workout, or when you come down with the flu. But what exactly do electrolytes add to your water? It turns out that the better question is what they allow your water to do

A water molecule’s effectiveness at hydrating the body depends on its ability to pair with nutrients and toxins and transport them in and out of our bodies. However, hydrogen atoms often lose their electrons, leaving water molecules to cluster together in order to share electrons. This prevents water molecules from bonding with other substances and serving as the body’s delivery workers.

That’s why our body craves water that’s charged with electrolytes. Electrolytes are negatively charged minerals that restore h2O molecules with electrons. This restoration leaves each molecule free to deliver all our crucial nutrients and flush out all the toxins. 

Minerals That Build Resilience 

While popular minerals like calcium and magnesium are an important source of electrolytes, there are also many other minerals that benefit your health when infused into water. Silver ions have been used to sterilize water for centuries, and Zeolite is a powerful antibacterial agent that can boost immune support. Drinking water that includes minerals like these can help strengthen your immune system and protect your body against infections and viruses. Plus, mineral water tastes significantly better than plain old h2O, leaving you literally craving its refreshing flavor. 

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